as appeared in Il Nuovo Sole

by Simone I. Cohen Scott

There are a number of habits we could break that would improve our appearance, once we know what they are.  My mother always told me to stop touching my face.  She’d say this in the middle of something I was telling her, but that’s another story.  Now that I’m in this business, I see the sense in her advice.       

What did you touch today since you washed your hands?  Doorknobs? Handrails, the steering wheel, or maybe your shoe?   Then did you scratch or fiddle with something on your face?  This is exactly the sort of exposure to bacteria that will show up as a zit sometime later. 

Pushing your glasses up into your hair and then back down onto your face is another way.  Or holding the ‘phone between your shoulder and your ear.  Not only zits, but blackheads and clogged pores, too. Parents, place this article in front of your teens; they may give some cursory attention to these tips

You may be thinking that sanitizers render my mother’s advice obsolete.  Not so.  Pushing your skin around, as in leaning on your fist, encourages lines and wrinkles, and is another reason to keep your hands off your face.  Except when you’re applying creams and make-up, of course, but then you’re hands are very clean, aren’t they?  Because you thoroughly cleanse your face before putting on cream or make-up, don’t you?  You do if you’ve been taking my columns to heart!

Another bad beauty habit, one which has become a trend lately, is using ears as hair fasteners.  Ears keep on growing all our lives, which you’ll notice if you look around at people.  So if you use your ears to keep your hair out of your face, the weight will cause them to gradually bend forward.  Compare actresses in recent movies with hairstyles in old classics.  When hair is pinned back, ears are flat to the head. If this is your bad habit it’s not too late.  Ears’ natural position is flat, and they will begin to straighten.

When I noticed my granddaughter’s ears beginning to stick out, I pointed it out to my daughter, and explained the reason.  I’m sure this irritated her as much as my mother’s remark did me.  She thought it over, though, and some time later said: “You were right.  Her ears are straighter now, since I put her in a pony tail.”  I looked, and sure enough they were.

                                                                                                                      April 25, 2013