November, 2012


Hello everyone, I’ve been meaning to do a Newsletter for years.  I’m always noticing misinformation about skin in articles, books, etc. that I want to point out to my clients.  Finally, I’m at it, but with just a little message, and I’ll get to the point quickly.

I’m leaving for Israel once again this year, for a few months.  Those who have already come for their facial this month know, that after holding for almost a decade, my price will be going up in 2013.  But wait, I’m offering a SPECIAL for March, when I return. The price will be higher, but for March your facial will be HALF-PRICE. 
Last September I was in New York, and of course, had a facial.  Well, I parted with $300.  When I got back here, I checked Toronto prices, almost $200.where the facials were on a par with mine, similar length of time.
So I know you’ll understand when I tell you that the price of my Facial Deluxe is going up from $89. to $100…still $89 this month, and to sweeten it a little, if you make March’s appointment this month, that facial will be half-price  - $50.

There you go!  My first Newsletter.  Bad news but good news, too.