Services and Price List

Facial Deluxe - $100
Deep Cleansing
Exfoliation (the removal of dead cell buildup)
Eyebrown Design and Maintenance
Aromatherapy Massage using the appropriate Essential Oils
Extractions as Necessary
Personalized Mask
Consultation and Recommendation
(European professional products available)

Teen Facial - $50
The Teen Facial is a specialty of Simone's Skincare Studio, and includes most of the elements mentioned above, arranged appropriately for each individual complexion type.

Generally, make-up ages a person. A sixteen-year-old appears twenty-two, and the young woman of twenty-two appears to be a more sophisticated thirty. The mature face requires an exceptional sense of design, together with clever application tricks, in order to minimize the appearance of age, and to enhance the positive features of the face. In other words, the goal of using make-up is to put forward the loveliest face possible.
Females of all ages, if they are going to wear make-up at all, require a lesson or two. The thirteen-year-old needs to get off to a good start, combining healthy skincare methods with make-up experimentation. And the Baby Boomer, soon-to-be Senior and beyond, requires new skills to work with texture changes, so that foundation colour, blush, and liner positioning, and even application methods, don't add years to the face
Lesson - $65
Application - $50
Teen Lesson - $50

Eyebrows & Lashes
The eyebrows define the facial expression, and enhance the eyes. Great care must be given in deciding which hairs to remove and which to leave. Symmetry does not mean mirror image: the face must be balanced, the expression refined.
Brow Design - $35
Brow Maintenance - $22
Brow or Lash Tint - $25
Brow and Lash Tint - $40

Hair Removal
Upper Lip - $25
Other Facial Hair - $25-40
Underarm - $35


Non-Invasive Facelift
This is a lovely treatment, utilizing a machine originally developed for sufferers of Bell's Palsy. A side-effect of the treatments was a more youthful looking skin, and better muscle tone. In other words, the aging process was reduced or put on "hold". The number of treatments required varies with the age and health of the patient.
Each Treatment
- $75
Series of 6 treatments - $400
Series of 12 treatments - $750

Complimentary Consultation

Image Design
One's appearance on important occasions, e.g. job interviews, meeting presentations, stage and television performances, speaking engagements, often benefit from a change of just one or two details. First impressions matter. Personal shopping can be arranged.
Each Consultation
- $150

By appointment only. I work around YOUR schedule!
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Gift Certificates available on all of the above services.